Safeguard Your Business Network with Los Angeles IT Services

Los Angeles IT services

Ask yourself if your Los Angeles IT services provider is protecting your business from attackers who prey upon remote workers who roam from various locations. Roaming users who bounce around on different wireless networks often do not realize that they can be targets for a malware attack. No matter how sophisticated security keeps getting, hackers still find a way into networks through vulnerabilities. Here are more details on what your remote IT security team can do to block unwanted visitors on your network:

Concerns for the Mobile-Cloud Workplace

A big push across all industries to embrace mobile devices and the cloud has proved to be successful in the recent years. It makes sense to combine both of these technologies if your operation is challenged with a tight budget or if you simply want to boost profit margins without increasing your marketing expenditure. The mobile-cloud combination means a business does not have to invest as much money in hardware, software, energy, or overhead.

Despite these multiple advantages, the mobile and cloud paradigm presents security risks that Los Angeles IT services providers must face. One of the biggest dangers, when workers access public Wi-Fi systems to log into a roaming profile, is lack of privacy. Hackers monitor public networks, looking for people gullible enough to open an email. They will disguise themselves as vendors offering a discount coupon or some other trap that leads to clicking a button that unleashes malware. If the worker uses an unprotected service to access your network and clicks an infected email, there is a strong possibility of the infection spreading across your entire network.

Solutions to Avoid Attacks

Your security team must look beyond just antivirus software as the only solution to blocking cyber-attacks. Ideally, they will deploy a multi-layered security strategy, making it harder for hackers to penetrate your network. They must take a proactive approach, which involves constantly monitoring your network and setting strict policies as to which applications and websites workers may access on the job. By controlling access to digital assets, you will limit the opportunities for attackers to disrupt your business. Your security solution should extend to having the capability of blocking attacks from remote locations.

Cloud-based digital assets include websites, email, and software. This data should be backed up regularly so that in the event of an attack, you will restore assets quickly. Businesses that fail to back up their data run the risk of running themselves out of business if sensitive customer data is breached. Preparing for disaster is one of the primary keys to avoiding lost data, which can damage your reputation and possibly lead to huge lawsuits. One of the most effective solutions to blocking attacks is using a multi-layered strategy that includes virtualization and 24/7 monitoring services. Additionally, your IT support must train your team to be on the lookout for strange emails and unusual activity when connecting to your network.


If you want your workers to roam freely and safely from remote locations, your Los Angeles IT services provider needs to help you to develop a cohesive security strategy. Contact us at Integritechs to find out how we can protect your infrastructure and architecture so you can focus on your core business.