Why You Need Cyber Security In Los Angeles to Help You Combat Malware

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Given how cyber threats have been evolving in recent years, it’s no wonder why security services from a cyber security expert in Los Angeles are very important to your business. No business is truly safe, whether it’s a small startup or a large corporation. Still, it doesn’t hurt at all to be proactive in the fight against malware. But, to effectively protect your company, you need to know what you’re up against. Basic knowledge on the most common threats can go a long way. So, to start off, here’s a quick breakdown:


Of all types of malware, the virus is probably the most well-known. A typical virus spreads by attaching itself to an executable (*.exe) file. Once this file is opened, the virus infects the operating system, wreaking havoc in its path. At best, some programs will stop working properly. At worst, the computer itself will stop working completely.

But because viruses have been around for some time, there are now many ways to prevent them from spreading, one of which is to use antivirus software to detect and kill viruses. Free antivirus software is available, but their features are limited. For greater security, you need to invest in antivirus software that’s powerful enough to nip threats in the bud.


Viruses and worms spread in similar ways, but worms don’t need to wait for an executable file to be opened before they infect computers. All they need are security flaws which they exploit in order to widen their path of destruction. They can be usually found in emails, making it harder to stop them in their tracks. In this regard, they are more harmful than viruses because of the speed with which they replicate.

To protect your company from worms, you need to put up a firewall that blocks external access to its networks. Your cyber security consultant in Los Angeles should be able to help you with this. In addition, security training for your employees is a must. They must be warned against opening suspicious emails, among other things.


Though not as widely known as viruses and worms, ransomware may still be the most dangerous kind of malware. It works by encrypting files and networks so that the rightful users are locked out. The only way to gain back access is to pay a ransom in the form of cryptocurrency before a set deadline. The ransom doubles each time a deadline is missed. Because cryptocurrency leaves no trail, perpetrators can get away with their crimes.

Currently, there isn’t much one can do to protect against ransomware, so your company should keep regular data backups in case it falls victim to this kind of malware.


Navigating the world of cybersecurity can be complicated, but the right cyber security consultant in Los Angeles can help you through the process. Thus, we encourage you to consider working with us at Integritechs if you want a smooth experience. As a top cyber security company, we put our customers’ needs first and foremost. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.