Managed IT Services in Los Angeles: Reasons for Choosing Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

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The survival of your business relies on how well you protect any vital information. Studies have shown that businesses that lose data go under within two years— this is regardless of the size of the business. For this reason, many businesses are now going for cloud backup and disaster solutions offered by managed IT services providers in Los Angeles.

It is unreliable, difficult, expensive, and unmanageable trying to protect data using the conventional tape backup solutions. Cloud data protection comes in handy as it makes a combination of the latest advancements of the disk-based backup and integrated secure cloud technologies, giving businesses an assured and fast recovery.

If you have not yet switched to the cloud, here are reasons to make you opt for the cloud for your data backup and recovery services:

1. Change CapEx to OpEx

Cloud solutions will enable you to switch the high capital expenses to operation costs. You will no longer have the cumbersome hardware to manage and update and your focus will be on innovations and sales increments.

2. Low Upfront Costs

Traditional backup and DR solutions require big investments in terms of hardware and other infrastructure. However, with the cloud, you do not need any big investment.

3. Data Encryption

The security of your data is a question of concern and it is safer in the cloud as it encrypted both at rest and in transit.

4. Fast, Secure, and Reliable Recovery

With the cloud, you can easily recover your workloads and restore your files efficiently and in a short time.

5. DR on Demand

With managed IT services in Los Angeles and cloud backup, DR is available on demand and you can rest knowing that in case of a disaster, you will be set up and running as operations are spun on demand.

6. Geographic Redundancy

With the cloud, replicated virtual machines can be stored in multiple storage regions for greater redundancy and protection.

7. Reduced Downtimes

With cloud backup, virtual machines are replicated offsite, and this reduces downtime significantly. This, of course, has a lasting impact on productivity, timesaving, and company reputation.

8. Efficient Storage and Avoiding Catastrophic Data Loss

If you do not have an efficient BDR solution, you may experience catastrophic data loss. With the cloud, you will recover your data and have business continuity even in the event of a disaster.

9. Multiple DR Sites

One storage location is never enough; luckily, with the cloud, you can have multiple SDR sites in multiple locations.

10. Long-term data preservation

You can effectively store your data in the cloud forever. This is as opposed to internal systems like CDs whose shelf life does not exceed 20 years. Recovery in case of any natural disaster is spontaneous and you will always get back your data on demand.

In this age of technology, you need to keep up to step up the completion. The first step to success is working with managed IT services providers in Los Angeles and switching to cloud computing. At Integritechs Technology Professionals, we can enable you to make a smooth transition to cloud backup and disaster recovery among many other IT services. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of backing up your data to the cloud.