Why Managed IT Services in Los Angeles Provide the Best Option

managed IT services Los Angeles

When your small or medium-sized business is growing, you begin to encounter more IT needs. You experience a growing number of employees as users on your network, more computer breakdowns, and increased data storage and backup needs. If you are not cautious, your computing needs and budget can easily spiral out of control. There are three ways to handle your business IT needs. Consider all three options below, and see how getting managed IT services in Los Angeles provides the best option:

Handling Your Own Maintenance and Repairs

When your business is relatively small, your IT department may be just a couple of people. This option makes sense, as you are able to have your IT needs met in-house by members of your team. They know the workings and functions of your business so your maintenance and repair needs are taken care of.

The drawback when you’re still small is that having a full time IT staff can be quite costly. There might not always be much work to be done, but you still must maintain a considerable budget for monthly salaries. Another concern is that with a small IT department, your staff may have limited expertise when it comes to the broad range of needs your business may have: networks and servers, software and hardware, storage and security, to name a few.

Using a Break-fix IT Company

A break-fix IT company allows you to pay as and when you have a need. They are therefore available on-call to deal with all your repair needs. When compared with a small IT department which may have a lot of downtime, this option seems attractive. You don’t have to pay when you don’t have a need.

The drawback with this model is that as your business IT system and number of users grow, you need their services more often. The charges can begin to be uneconomical. How much you spend on this model is also unpredictable, making it hard to budget ahead. Break-fix services are focused on repair work, so your system’s regular maintenance requirements may go unattended.

Using a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

The third option to consider is getting managed IT services in Los Angeles from an MSP. Consider this as a team of experts giving you IT support when you need it for a fixed monthly cost. This is the best case scenario for a smaller business because you can outsource your IT needs for a stable and affordable cost. The MSP works closely with you to develop a service plan that meets your needs. They can take care of your maintenance and repair work, as well as provide a range of IT-related solutions as required. The monthly contract means that you can have some continuity by developing a relationship with one MSP.

If you are looking for a more long-term solution for your business’ IT needs, contact Integritechs Technology Professionals. We provide high quality managed IT services in Los Angeles.