Managed IT Services in Los Angeles: Key MDM Considerations

managed IT services Los Angeles

With all the different types of devices connected to your business network, it can be hard to keep track of it all. Managed IT services providers in Los Angeles can provide you with assistance through mobile device management (MDM) services. These can include configuration, management, monitoring, and security.

Finding the right MDM is vital because it enables you to open more BYOD and remote work opportunities for your employees. You can increase the level of productivity and technology integration in your business when you allow the use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Two important considerations when connecting mobile devices are security and management.

Security of Business Network

Every mobile device connected to your business network presents an added security risk. If it is a personal phone, for example, the way the employee uses their phone and the apps they download can open the door for a data breach. It is, therefore, crucial that your MDM system has security as a priority. This can be implemented in a number of ways including password control, encryption, security software that is automatically updated, proactive monitoring, and restrictions on what apps may be used on devices connected to the company network. Consider partnering with experts in managed IT services in Los Angeles to secure your network.

Managing Devices

Besides managing the security of your network, it is also important to manage the use of the devices in general. An effective MDM system allows you to have all the key bits of information at the tips of your fingers. You should always know what devices are enrolled in the program and how these devices are being used. You need to be able to integrate these devices into your business platforms and systems and if need be, to remotely access them to provide support. The registration process for new devices must be both simple and efficient.

Having an effective MDM system can give you the foundation you need to expand your BYOD program and integrate the use of more technology of the business. You can find the assistance and support you need when you partner with a company providing managed IT services in Los Angeles. Get in touch with us at Integritechs Technology Professionals to learn about our MDM services. We can help you launch, manage, monitor, and secure your BYOD program so that you can take advantage of the available benefits without having to handle the management challenges.