Los Angeles IT Services: The Proper Approach to VoIP and Handsets

Los Angeles IT services

While there are many Los Angeles IT services providers to choose from, only certain firms have the expertise to deploy and manage VoIP. The reason VoIP is a growing wave in business is that it drastically cuts phone expenses. Here are considerations you should discuss with your IT provider to determine if VoIP is right for your business.

Convenient VoIP Features

Features that make VoIP a convenient choice include “find me” and “follow me” services. While “find me” allows you to receive calls from any location, “follow me” lets callers reach you at various phone numbers. Mobile workers like these features because they are able to create lists of multiple numbers for contacts and use different numbers to locate the party.

These services can be integrated with email, fax, and text messaging. VoIP includes many traditional phone services such as call forwarding and caller ID blocking. Here are other features that VoIP offers, which make it attractive to businesses:

  • Three-way calling capability
  • Cuts costs on long distance calls
  • Transcribes voicemail to text
  • Music on hold
  • Call screening
  • Auto attendant allows callers to interact with menu options
  • “Do not disturb” feature stops incoming calls temporarily
  • Useful for online conferencing

The most convenient aspect of VoIP is that you are no longer restricted to using one specific physical handset with one number. VoIP allows you to access calls over the internet from any device.

Office Equipment Reduction

Another major benefit of VoIP adoption from a Los Angeles IT services provider is that it can help cut down on office machines and devices. Since it is capable of transferring faxes electronically, for example, there is no need to have an old-fashioned fax machine. Businesses that have adopted a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy can cut costs enormously on hardware. If workers bring their own mobile devices, there is even less need for traditional handset phones provided by the employer.

These days many BYOD firms allow workers to communicate with clients and customers in multiple ways, not just on the phone. Whether it is connecting through email, text messaging, social media, or the phone, VoIP integrates all these services on one platform. Once you put a BYOD system in place, you can then monitor how much activity is conducted on the phone. It may be more economical to eliminate office handsets.

In order for a BYOD system to be secure, however, you need Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that identifies every device on your network. Without this type of solution, a BYOD plan is high risk and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Another problem with relying on personal mobile devices is that older cell phones will not have as high of voice quality as newer phones.

Your Los Angeles IT services provider can take your business a step further by integrating VoIP with customer relationship management (CRM) software, which integrates various business tools with your communications. CRM, for example, can instantly connect you with a customer history profile so that you can learn about past encounters the customer has had with your company. Switching to VoIP is an adventurous move that can save you money with the help of your MSP. Contact us at Integritechs Technology Professionals to learn more about how we can take your business communications to the next level.