Los Angeles IT Services: Why You Should Include All Disasters in Your Disaster Recovery Plan

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When you think of a disaster that could close the doors of your company, what kind comes to mind? Most people in Southern California would name earthquakes and wildfires as two possibilities. They wouldn’t be wrong. However, according to Los Angeles IT services experts, natural disasters are only a small portion of the events that can close a business.

Most Common IT Disasters

Let’s look at more common disasters that could cause your company to close its doors:

  • Network outage – today’s IT systems depend on a reliable network connection. When an outage occurs, data can be lost and databases can be corrupted. It can halt day-to-day operations and prevent backups from occurring.
  • Power loss – losing power can bring a business to its knees. Computers don’t work, servers are unavailable, communication equipment is unusable, alarm systems are offline— all of these make your company vulnerable in several ways.
  • Memory errors – a hard drive starts to go bad. Working memory gets corrupted by a program error. A power supply begins to fail. The motherboard starts to overheat. These events cause memory errors which can cause data loss and corruption.
  • Overheated server room – servers and network devices can put off a ton of heat. That is why a server room needs to have a dedicated cooling system. When that cooling system is inadequate or starts to break, this can lead to an overheated server room, which can cause data loss and equipment damage.
  • Loss of internet connection – losing your internet connection for an hour or two is not good for business, but generally you can recover with minimal problems. However, if a technician cuts your internet connection by mistake, you may be looking at lengthy downtime which can be very detrimental.
  • Human error – according to Los Angeles IT services experts, the most unpredictable and hardest disaster to avoid is human error. Humans can delete critical data, corrupt databases, open phishing emails, and send confidential information to the wrong people. These types of errors can have grave consequences for your business.
  • Cyber attacks – According to a report released by the Poneman Institute, six out of ten businesses experienced a cyber attack in 2017. More and more of these attacks are hitting small businesses. A cyber attack can wipe out critical systems, hold key servers hostage, and bring your business to a screeching halt.

These events need to be part of your company’s disaster recovery planning, along with natural disasters such as earthquakes and wildfires. If you need assistance with developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, contact us at Integritechs Technology Professionals. We offer Los Angeles IT services, including disaster recovery solutions.