How Los Angeles IT Services Can Protect Your Mobile Devices

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More and more businesses are allowing their employees to access company systems remotely by using mobile devices— whether these are their personal property or owned by the company — this can be a huge security risk. The easiest way to protect your data and infrastructure is to use Los Angeles IT services. The only solution when multiple mobile devices are accessing your data is a mobile device management (MDM) plan that monitors security aspects, connectivity, privacy, and management of data concerned.

Dangers of Unmonitored Mobile Devices

A BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) policy is a huge advancement for employees. It allows them to be more flexible with their working arrangements, improves their efficiency, and makes location unimportant. These are benefits a company should be happy with. The added advantage of an employee using their own equipment reduces the cost for the company, as there is no outlay required for additional hardware.

The problems lie with any unauthorized use of the devices. For example, if they have been mislaid, stolen, or have insufficient security on them this leads the way for viruses or hackers to access your systems. As security and data breaches are costing more each year, not to mention the bad publicity that arises from such an incursion, a comprehensive solution that will protect both the devices and your infrastructure is essential.

How Mobile Devices Are Protected

MDM solutions need to have a number of essential ingredients in order to be effective. At the device end, they must validate the users by enforcing passwords and authorized access. It should be able to prevent access or wipe data remotely if unauthorized use is suspected. All devices must be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all activities must be logged and reported for compliance purposes. It is also an advantage if the solution is based in the cloud, as this enables all updates and monitoring to be easily accomplished.

The main concern for a Los Angeles IT services provider that installs and runs these MDM resources is the need to tailor each solution to the specific business using it. There will be many company-specific policies that must be incorporated into the design. For example, the course of action to take if an employee loses a mobile device or if they leave the company. In these cases, access will be revoked immediately, but what happens to any data that is stored on the device? It can be tricky to separate business from personal data. How is any personal data treated? Whatever the additional policy requirements are, it is also important that the MDM fits seamlessly with the current security processes. It should be enhancing the system, not merely adding to it.

If your employees use mobile devices, it is essential that you have a thorough and complete MDM in place. If you would like the help of a Los Angeles IT services provider, contact us at Integritechs now. Our mobile device management strategies are second to none. We will ensure that your company remains monitored and completely secure, irrespective of the type of equipment used to access your data.