IT Solutions Experts in Los Angeles Explain the Cloud

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It is not enough to understand the cloud. What matters most is you understand how cloud computing can help your business. IT solutions experts in Los Angeles want you to know how cloud technology can benefit your business. The cloud is centered on the use of network servers, positioned in remote areas to store, access, process and manage data on the web. There are a number of advantages of storing data on the cloud, as opposed to a local network or hard drive.

The Cloud’s Evolution

The cloud was first mentioned way back in 1996 when Compaq used the term in some of its internal communications. The concept was officially introduced at the conference a dozen years ago. The cloud soon became a tangible concept. In 2008, the top tech power players like Microsoft began providing cloud-based services.

As time has progressed, the differences between cloud and local computing are becoming fewer and fewer. The cloud is now integrating with seemingly everything, from Microsoft Office 365 to Creative Cloud, Adobe, and beyond. The bulk of the content is on the cloud, while the basic program is on the hard drive. The bottom line is— just about everything is moving in the direction of the web. IT solutions experts in Los Angeles can help ease the transition.

Cloud Computing Types and Examples

Cloud computing can benefit your ways in countless ways. Cloud computing offerings range from websites to mobile apps, the Internet of Things (IoT) and even data backup and recovery services. Nowadays, just about everything people do on the web is a part of the cloud. For example, plenty of people use Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft Office Online and other cloud-based services with regularity.

The Benefits of the Cloud

The cloud allows for the storage of hundreds of terabytes of information without any worry over physical space for devices, like computers and servers. All that is necessary is a web connection that allows for instant access to data. The decrease in servers also means there is a reduced cost in terms of running such machines. This means— less electricity is used, less room is necessary, and there is that much less to maintain.

Another key advantage of migrating to the cloud is enhanced mobility. There is no need to be located in a specific space to retrieve data. You or anyone on your team can log in from any location and access the data. It does not matter if you are at home, in a cafe, in a hotel or elsewhere. As long as you can get on the web, you will be able to access the cloud.

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