A Managed IT Services Provider in Los Angeles Can Keep Client Data Safe in the Cloud

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A comprehensive examination of all the ways client data become insecure would be a long process. However, client data security is a major concern for a managed IT service provider in Los Angeles. So, we have to start somewhere.

There are four primary areas we can consider when it comes to client data in the cloud:

Server Security

The security of servers has always been a major concern. After all, most, if not all of your business processes, will interface with your servers if not actually reside there. So, they represent a major point of failure if they are compromised.

Moving to the cloud, the fundamental concerns only expand. By putting your data on servers held by a different organization and in one-or-more remote locations off-site, you are forced to examine the compromise being made between power/flexibility and reduced levels of direct control and security.

Employee Security

It doesn’t matter how secure your servers are from outside penetration if a rogue or hapless employee breaches server security. A rigorous implementation of security policy, monitoring, and audits is vitally important when it comes to maintaining the security of data against employee mistakes and crimes.

In Transit

If your on-site systems and servers in the cloud are 100% secure, your data security concerns are still not completely addressed. Data still has to flow between your various systems, as well as between clients and your systems.

The security of data in transit is an area in which technology develops with particular speed. This means that all aspects of the technology being used to handle data transit must be monitored to ensure state-of-the-art hardware, software, protocols, and policies. New exploits and vulnerabilities are developed and exposed almost by the second.

An ongoing process of addressing new security issues is required in order to maintain the integrity and security of your client data-in-transit. Fortunately, most services and systems delivered via the cloud provide the benefit that you won’t be alone when it comes to keeping current. Your managed IT service provider in Los Angeles should be helping to take some or all of the strain with managed IT services.


The pervasive nature of services and data in the era of ubiquitous computing and corporate mobility introduces yet another level of threat to the security of client data. If corporate assets such as laptops, mobile phones, or IoT hardware fall into the wrong hands or even end up lost, you must have systems for tracking and remotely wiping those devices.

Luckily, you don’t have to manage this manually. With the right tools, your mobile devices can be managed automatically. These tools also provide monitoring and reporting functionality to help ensure the security of your devices.

The subject of securing client data in the cloud is a massive one, and we can only barely touch the surface here with regards to managed IT services. The handful of main points presented above, however, gives some idea of the scale of the challenge. Integritechs Technology Professionals can help approach the challenge in a systematic and informed manner. To learn more about how a managed IT service provider in Los Angeles can help you, contact us now!