Los Angeles IT Services: 5 Key Reasons Your Business Needs MDM

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Mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, or even smartwatches have become so ubiquitous, powerful, and just plain handy that organizations have no hope of excluding them from general business use. However, this has some pretty big ramifications and concerns for businesses. Thankfully, Los Angeles IT services comes into play by implementing mobile device management (MDM). Here are five key reasons why you might want MDM in your business now:

1. Keeping Devices in Their Place

In the old days, a business phone was a business phone, and employees would never use it for personal matters. Today, however, the line between business and personal life gets blurred. On mobile devices, this can cause big headaches. A good MDM platform will help enforce the line between business and personal matters on mobile devices.

2. Monitor and Manage Your Devices

Mobile devices can be glamorous, expensive pieces of equipment. They’re also small. It can be too easy for smartphones, tablets, and laptops to go missing. MDM makes it much easier to keep track of devices, both geographically and within your corporate systems. The use of those devices, how they’re configured, the apps installed and running, and even access to them can all be monitored, managed, and controlled.

3. Reporting Power

MDM solutions provide powerful ways to see everything from the big picture to the smallest details concerning the mobile devices in your business. Standard and custom reporting tools let management keep tabs on everything they need to. An Los Angeles IT services can regularly review how mobile devices are used and how they’re interacting with your IT systems.

4. Enroll Devices and Users

In this area, MDM brings serious power and resource savings to the enterprise. The days of complex manual enrollment or removal of devices and users are now gone. Access privileges, API configuration, resource bandwidth, and more can all be automated. It is not only faster and less of a drain on your IT staff, but many small mistakes that crop up during manual configuration are also eliminated. This results in better system stability and greater security.

5. Policy Enforcement

MDM platforms empower stability and security by implementing robust policies. This, of course, requires policies to be drawn up. Simply having to go through the process of creating suitable policies helps a business to operate more efficiently and securely. However, by programmatically implementing those policies in your MDM solution, you magnify the benefits of those policies and your MDM platform. It’s a real win-win!

Those are just five of the many powerful benefits available from an MDM tool. No doubt, you would discover much more with your own MDM solution. Of course, figuring out which MDM tool is right for your company and deciding on a strategy for implementing it can be a daunting task. With a good Los Angeles IT services provider, there is no need to tackle that challenge alone. At Integritechs, we are experienced in choosing and configuring MDM tools. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business.