The DYN DDoS Attack: Lessons for Cyber Security Teams in Los Angeles

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Your cyber security experts in Los Angeles need to track major cyberattacks, such as the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on European DNS provider Dyn. The attack occurred on October 21, 2016, and disrupted users across the internet, making it difficult to connect with sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of the most valuable lessons learned from this hack:

Any Weak Link Introduces Vulnerability

All it takes is one wrong click in an email, on a website or an app to spread a virus or malware throughout your network and possibly beyond. Hackers look for vulnerabilities to exploit among big targets. They know that many large firms are too busy worrying about profits than to invest in security. By attacking a big player, hackers create can waves of havoc. Simply by targeting a DNS provider, hackers were able to disrupt a broad internet community.

Cyber Attacks Are Increasingly Complex

Businesses can no longer ignore the impact of cybercrime, even if it has yet to affect them directly. Cyber attackers are becoming more organized and sophisticated, even as security technology improves. They are constantly learning new ways to penetrate networks, so it’s important for businesses to stay on the cutting edge of new security developments.

The fact hackers have been able to attack government organizations such as the IRS and financial institutions such as Equifax should be enough to cause alarm. Even tech giants Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo experienced millions of stolen passwords in 2016 via a hacker known as “The Collector.” In other words: no company is immune to cybercrime, no matter how advanced.

Disaster Recovery Plans Are Essential

Every local business needs cyber security in Los Angeles that includes a disaster recovery plan. In the past, this security precaution was often overlooked by small businesses. But with cybercrime on the rise, you need to protect your data by backing it up regularly and by having a plan in place that determines what happens in the event of an emergency.

Setting up disaster recovery plans is a main concern of experienced MSPs. One of the reasons such a plan is a necessity is that without one your company can be open to litigation if your data is lost, stolen, or damaged. The plan needs to lay out steps for IT professionals and employees to take in an emergency to minimize downtime. It must also account for the security of your various Internet of Things (IoT) devices as well. Ask yourself: how easily can you restore data if your hardware fails?

Concerns About IoT Devices

The Dyn attack compromised millions of IP addresses of not necessarily computers, but of computing devices. With a constantly expanding range of computing devices connected with the IoT to provide measurements, this trend increases the chances of malware attacks. Business models based on IoT technology need to emphasize security as a high priority, since IoT companies can be targets for hackers.

Recent cyberattacks call for stronger cyber security in Los Angeles and for businesses to be more cautious about what they click. Contact us at Integritechs Technology Professionals to learn more about how we can make your business more secure.