Different Types of VoIP & Cyber Security Solutions for Your Los Angeles Business

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The average business manager or owner may have heard of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in passing, yet lacks a full understanding of this breakthrough technology. VoIP empowers business professionals and everyday people to interact with colleagues, clients, and sales prospects without using a traditional landline telephone. Instead of using conventional phone lines, VoIP relies on the web to connect people for verbal discussions. Below, our cyber security experts in Los Angeles defines the many different types of VoIP:

VoIP for Businesses

Business VoIP service is available in two different forms: the cloud-based variety and on-premises VoIP. Each provides businesses with the ability to contact others without shelling out the money required for a conventional landline phone. Just as important is the fact that business VoIP services offer myriad features for business. Opt for business VoIP and you will have access to audio conferencing, video conferencing, call reports, interactive voice response, and all sorts of other helpful features.

On-premise VoIP systems mandate the business buy equipment and store it in the office. This approach mandates considerable capital costs. Furthermore, on-premise VoIP requires the business to pay an extra fee each month for SIP trunking. IT personnel will also be necessary to maintain, repair, and improve the systems with regularity. However, this type of VoIP has merit in the fact that it provides the business with complete control. If you need any sort of assistance with VoIP, our cyber security in Los Angeles team is here to help.

Cloud-Based VoIP Systems

Cloud-based VoIP is gaining favor as it outsources the phone system to the company providing the VoIP service. Take this route and you will not have to buy hardware or invest resources in the maintenance of systems— the provider handles these aspects. Cloud-based VoIP makes it easy to add and remote users with ease. The drawback to this type of VoIP is it removes the element of control. If the provider in question is not reliable, you will suffer the consequences.

Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP is an application installed on smartphones rather than computers. This type of VoIP empowers one to field and accept phone calls regardless of location as long as there is a web connection.

Software-Based VoIP

VoIP that is software-based is all the rage. Here is how it works: users install an application on their computer or tap into such an application on the web. The computer audio input/output are used to communicate.

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