Cyber Security in Los Angeles: Types of Hackers to Be Wary Of

cyber security Los Angeles

Cyber security in Los Angeles has become a question of concern. Most businesses are doing everything to ensure their businesses are safe from hackers. Hackers are individuals who invade your home or business computers and network without your consent or knowledge. It is important to have an insight into who these hackers are and exactly what they are looking for in your system.

Hackers do not come in specific types, but there are four known variants. They include:

  • Corporate hackers
  • Criminal hackers
  • Kiddie Hackers
  • Military hackers

These hackers may vary in terms of the methods they use and their motives, but the results of their action are always the same, which is:

  • Stealing confidential data
  • Holding your files at ransom
  • Disrupting the normal operation of a computer or network

The following is an insight into the mentioned tiers of hackers that you should be aware of:

Kiddie Hackers

This type of hackers may sound petty, but they may cause debilitating problems, which can be quite disruptive and time-consuming. These could be the kids next door who just want the adventure of intruding into other people’s computer network. They could also be some nosey neighbors with a little knowledge of computers. These hackers take advantage of unprotected wireless networks.

Corporate Hackers

This kind of hackers targets companies. They have a motive, and they are capable of achieving it, as most of them are professional IT people. Mostly, they want to disrupt the operations of a business or steal company data or generally frustrate cyber security efforts in Los Angeles. They will take extreme measures to hide not to be caught.

Military Hackers

These hackers target different countries or nations. Mostly, their aim is to expose government intelligence and any vulnerabilities of their target. They have the time and tools to break into any system. Their target is mostly national agencies, but they will not spare any individual that can help them achieve their motives. They keep their activities discrete so that they are not caught.

Criminal Hackers

These organized criminals hack for profits. They are determined, remorseless, and capable as they use the techniques used by military hackers. They are responsible for ransomware and DDoS attacks worldwide. They encrypt data and demand a ransom to give it back. They can disable internet access or make users distribute spam messages.

The truth is that no one is immune, and everyone can be ambushed. The best thing to do is to implement security measures to minimize your level of vulnerability. Contact us at Integritechs Technology Professionals to learn more about cyber security in Los Angeles and ways to keep hackers at bay.