Cyber Security Experts in Los Angeles Explain How to Keep Your Business Safe from Spam Calls

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Even if you signed up for the Do Not Call list, you still might be getting an egregious number of robocalls. If you are tired of sales calls, you are not alone. Complaints about such calls are on the rise. The problem is only worsening as scammers embrace tech by routing calls through several carriers and networks to mask the point of origination. Cyber security experts in Los Angeles can help you sidestep these calls and work without interference.

The Scam Evolves

The latest version of robocalling involves neighborhood spoofing. Robocalls are made with local phone numbers in an attempt to encourage answers. Scammers can also spoof current phone numbers, fooling targets into thinking the business calling their phone is trustworthy. Do not assume your business or your personal phone will not be targeted simply because you put your number on the Do Not Call list. This list can only do so much.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Spammers will ask an array of questions. If you respond in the affirmative, your voice can be copied to authorize phony charges over the phone. When in doubt, less is more! Be quiet, or better yet, hang up.

Tech Solutions Might Solve This Problem

Cyber security solutions in Los Angeles exist to thwart those annoying robocalls. Take a look at the call blocking options available for your phone. Peruse the apps available to block calls from those already-known spam phone numbers. There are even services that send a message to the robocallers to let them know your phone line is out of service.

Refrain from Engaging the Caller

Unloading on the caller is certainly tempting yet it is a mistake. If you get on the wrong side of the spammer, he or she can make your life that much more difficult. Be quiet, do not engage in conversation and hold back from doing anything that will give the caller a reason to continue to pester you. Be the bigger person, walk away from this interaction and move on with your life.

Never Answer Calls from Unknown Numbers

You can do your part to put an end to robocalls by ignoring calls from unknown numbers. Let the call go to your voicemail.

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