7 Principles on Mobile Cyber Security in Los Angeles That Companies Need to Follow

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A growing number of employees use mobile devices to access their company’s sensitive data. With so many devices accessing sensitive data, businesses of all sizes must make cyber security for mobile devices a priority. Let’s look at seven principles on mobile cyber security in Los Angeles that you need to follow:

1. Create a Clear Security Policy

You and your employees need to work together to protect the company’s data. A clear security policy defines what is allowed and what is not. The policy should cover all contingencies, including what happens if the mobile device is lost.

2. Have All Employees Go Through Cyber Security Training

Employees are the leading threat when it comes to cyber security. They are often ignorant of the potential consequences of their actions. Going through training focused on cyber security threats can help minimize the threat negligent employees bring.

3. Lock Down Your Data

Employees should not be allowed to download company data to a personal device. Alternatively, they should be able to view company data live on the server itself. This prevents potential data theft.

4. Adopt an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) Solution

Identity-as-a-service solutions require strict authentication from each user trying to access company data. These third-party solutions can work with internal security or act as the primary access portal. They offer a centralized authentication service accessible from anywhere.

5. Add Multi-Factor Authentication

Requiring a user to use more than one form of authentication adds another layer of security to prevent unauthorized access. For example, an ATM requires a user to have a valid bank card and the appropriate pin number to gain access to a bank account. Multi-factor authentication is key when it comes to cyber security in Los Angeles.

6. Keep Mobile Devices Confined to Certain Areas of the Network

You need to add layers to your network so that a breach in one area will not allow access to the entire network. Keeping mobile devices in low-security areas will help prevent unauthorized access to more sensitive areas.

7. Monitor Your System for Breaches

You want to know as soon as an unauthorized breach occurs. Monitoring your systems 24/7 allows you to see unusual traffic or data breaches immediately. This will help minimize the damage the attacker can do.

Each of these mobile cyber security principles will help your company protect itself from potential breaches. With so many threats coming from external sources, bringing in an outside IT security expert can keep your business even more secure. Contact us at Integritechs Technology Professionals; we are the experts in cyber security in Los Angeles businesses know they can rely on.