Managed IT Services Los Angeles: Business Backup Cheat Sheet

managed IT services Los Angeles

There is one rule of data recovery that every business needs to understand and apply— data you don’t back up is data you don’t want. Don’t wait until your data has been corrupted to find out that your recovery process is only 98% reliable. Follow our cheat sheet to make sure you really are protected. Make sure your use of managed IT services in Los Angeles complies with your data recovery needs.

1. What Data Do You Need?

Do you even know the answer to that question? How do you know the answer and how do you know your answer is accurate? Have you undertaken an audit of the data your business depends on? Even if you’ve performed this audit, you’ll need to rerun the audit on a regular basis to stay current. Without this audit, your data recovery process can’t possibly be sure to protect your vital data.

2. Are Your Backups Safe?

Are your backups 100% secure? Have you confirmed the integrity of the backups? Many small businesses keep ad-hoc copies of some of their data (not ALL of the data as an audit should identify) in formats that are neither secure nor robust. If your backups are on-site, they’re vulnerable to disaster at the site. If your backups are kept off-site, is that location secure? Managed IT services providers in Los Angeles can provide excellent options for secure off-site backup storage.

3. Can You Recover Data from Backups Quickly Enough?

It’s all fine and dandy to have comprehensive backups off-site, but if you can’t get that data fast enough to get your systems up and running in a timely manner, how much will that cost you in lost revenues, loss of goodwill, damaged customer confidence, or even regulatory penalties? To be effective, recovery strategies need to blend a mix of on-site, off-site physical, and usually, cloud backup solutions. Done properly, this provides a sophisticated technological insurance against downtime and loss of critical data.

4. Is Comprehensive Documentation Easily Available?

It’s no good having a data recovery strategy in place if nobody knows what it is and how to apply it. Not only do you need comprehensive documentation, but you need to ensure training and regular exercises help staff to understand the strategy.

These are just four vital points on our data recovery cheat sheet. Implementing effective business backups with managed IT services in Los Angeles starts with these principles. Every business will have a different strategy. Integritechs Technology Professionals can help you put an effective approach in place. To learn more, contact us now.