Los Angeles IT Services: Let’s Get to the Truth About Cloud Services

Los Angeles IT services

Some say cloud services are the best thing since sliced bread. Others say they’re not worth the time or the trouble. With so much conflicting information out there, it can be hard for the average business owner to discern whether using cloud services is right for their company. Let’s get to the truth about cloud services with the help of experts in Los Angeles IT services.


Those touting cloud services almost always bring up that it’s more cost-effective than managing your servers in-house. In many cases, this can be true. In others, not so true.

Capital expenditures will go down as you move your computing power to the cloud provider’s servers. However, you are adding operational expenses to another part of your budget. Those expenses will never end. They’ll go up as your usage increases and as energy prices escalate.


One of the universally recognized benefits of using cloud services is scalability. You only use what you need.

Very few can argue against this benefit. Instead of buying or leasing a large computer to handle current and future needs, you only pay for the users, data, and apps that you currently use. As your needs increase, your costs increase. But, you don’t have a large capital expenditure sitting half idle, eating up energy.


Security concerns are one area of disagreement when it comes to cloud services. Some say they’re more secure than hosting them in-house. Others say that cloud services are inherently insecure because they’re not hosted on the premises.

According to Los Angeles IT services experts, cloud services are highly secure. However, like in-house systems, these services are vulnerable to employee actions. Nine out of ten security breaches occur because of end-users. An employee opens up a phishing email and clicks the link inside and malware starts infesting your in-house and cloud systems.

Work from Anywhere

A common benefit mentioned about cloud services is that employees can access them from just about anywhere. It’s true. Your employees can work from home, access things on the road, and deal with what needs handling on the fly.

The one concern many raise about being able to work from anywhere is device security. What happens if someone loses a device? That could leave your cloud services vulnerable to a hacker. Solid security policies are the answer to this concern.

Cloud services can be quite beneficial for many companies. However, certain precautions need to be taken before adopting them. If you want to find out whether your company will benefit from using them, contact us at Integritechs Technology Professionals. We offer a wide range of Los Angeles IT services, including cloud services.