Cyber Security Professionals in Los Angeles Highly Recommend Proactive Security

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According to cyber security professionals in Los Angeles, paying attention to security after a breach has occurred is like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. Though you are taking actions to prevent it from happening again, the damage is already done. Your company essential data, your client’s confidential information, and your employee’s personal details have all been compromised. To prevent this from happening at your company, you must take proactive steps to secure your IT infrastructure.

Get Everyone On Board

A lot of company owners and managers don’t realize the consequences of an IT security breach. The best way to convince them of the danger is to present them with the raw data. For example, the average cost of a data breach is almost $150 for each compromised record.

Enhance Your Backup Routines

The days of running a tape backup once a night needs to be over. When a data breach occurs, all of your data is compromised. You need a backup solution that continuously updates your backups and allows for a quick restoration from a certain time point.

Deploy Encryption Everywhere

Encryption will protect your data from a hacker who gains entry. For maximum protection, your company must use encryption everywhere, on all devices, including laptops, PCs, servers, smartphones, tablets, and network appliances.

Create and Continuously Update Security Policies

Your company needs a comprehensive set of security policies. It needs to cover password management, network access, encryption, and use of personal devices on the network. These policies need to be understood by everyone in the company and need to have serious consequences for any policy violations.

Provide Training for Everyone

People make mistakes, and those mistakes can be quite costly. Cyber security professionals in Los Angeles know that end users cause almost 90% of all data breaches. Training is the most effective way to prevent users from creating security problems.

Use Breach Prevention Devices

Your breach prevention needs to include much more than firewalls and anti-virus software. Hackers are using increasingly more sophisticated methods to breach business infrastructures. Today, you need anti-phishing email detection, anti-malware gateways, and network systems that quarantine infected devices.

These steps will help secure your company’s IT infrastructure from most data breaches. Another thing you can do is bring in security experts to assist your internal staff with these tasks. The experts can survey your current security measures and give you recommendations on how to further secure your infrastructure.

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