Cyber Security Experts in Los Angeles Explain the Best Ways to Prevent and Recognize Spam

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Though computers are fallible, human beings are even more flawed. The vast majority of security problems result from human error. In particular, people tend to make mistakes with emails. Phishing messages have tripped up countless people. Our cyber security experts in Los Angeles can train your team to ensure malware does not leak into your network. Here is a look at how to identify spam, avoid phishing scams, and keep your computers operating without hindrance:

Do Not Be Afraid to Contact the Sender

There is no sense in assuming the message in question is actually from a legitimate party. If you are even slightly suspicious about the message, reach out to the sender to verify his or her legitimacy, as well as the message’s legitimacy.

Think Before Clicking

Do not be in a rush to click email links, attachments or anything else. Look over the email carefully, analyze its contents and move your mouse over the link without clicking it. If you are even slightly suspicious of the target address, do not click it until you have verified its legitimacy. Consider using to verify the legitimacy of links.

Poor Grammar and Misspellings are Telltale Signs of Scammers

Plenty of cyber thieves are actually lowly-paid criminals from foreign countries who struggle with the English language. If the message is laden with misspellings, grammar issues, or even one spelling/grammatical error, it is likely a fake.

Do Not Open Attachments If You Are Even Slightly Suspicious

If a message has an important attachment, let it be until you are certain it is legitimate. Attachments have scripts that transmit malware to computers, eliminate files and provide cyber miscreants with access to sensitive data.

Sensitive Data Should Not Be Transmitted by Email

Email is not a secure means of exchanging information. It is awfully easy to forge documents and impersonate another person. Contact the individual or business in question with a method beyond email to ensure the data is transmitted to the right party through a completely secure channel. Lean on cyber security experts in Los Angeles to help you transmit data safely, quickly, and easily.

Do Not Enter Your Credentials in Insecure Websites

Never put company data or personal data into website forms unless the URL begins with “https” as opposed to “http” without the “s”. Furthermore, the browser should feature a padlock icon to indicate it is secure. If the website is legitimate, there is still the potential for someone to steal your login credentials as they are transmitted. The bottom line is, a website without a secure connection is a major risk.

Reach Out to IT Experts

Does your business need assistance with IT, mobile device management, disaster recovery, asset management or network operations? At Integritechs Technology Professionals, our cyber security team in Los Angeles can help you with all of your tech needs. From IT to managed VoIP, patch management and beyond, we are the tech experts you are looking for. Contact us now for more information.