Bluetooth Insecurities and Countermeasures from IT Consultants in Los Angeles

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If you are thinking about upgrading your security services from your IT consultant in Los Angeles, you should consider reinforcing your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth technology is valuable in commercial IT operations. This form of connectivity is standardized and available on most devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. It is inexpensive because there are no data charges attached to sending files over Bluetooth.

In addition, the technology consumes low energy and you can create an area network for your business. On the other hand, there are some significant security threats which are associated with this form of connectivity. Therefore, consider this brief discussion on the common Bluetooth insecurities in your company and the countermeasures that your IT consulting provider can help you establish to restore your network security.


Bluesnarfing is an important concern for organizations which depend on Bluetooth-enabled devices for daily operations. In general, this can be defined as the process through which an unauthorized person gains access to confidential data by exploiting a Bluetooth connection that is “discoverable.” Bluesnarfing will allow an unauthorized person to view and copy important information such as calendars, emails, contact lists, and even multimedia files.

This hacking process takes advantage of system vulnerabilities in the design of the object exchange protocol in Bluetooth-enabled devices. The OBEX protocol is a special technology that is used to control the movement of data across wireless devices. Normally, hackers exploit the Push Profile, which is an element of the protocol which allows people to exchange softcopy business cards without authentication. Once the unscrupulous person makes the connection between their device and yours, they can obtain your data.


Bluesniping is similar to Bluesnarfing in terms of the process. However, this is an advanced alternative that allows hackers to overcome the distance limitation of Bluesnarfing. Normally, Bluetooth connections are limited to a short distance of about 10-15 meters. With Bluesniping, this range can be extended up to one mile. This means that data can be stolen without the data thief being in close proximity to you or your employees.


Bluebugging is a major threat that you should discuss with your IT consultant in Los Angeles. Bluebugging allows the hacker to access and use all phone information and features. While this is more difficult to carry out, the potential consequences are far-reaching. Typically, this hack works by manipulating a target phone to compromise its own security. For example, the hacker’s device can masquerade as your Bluetooth headset and “trick” your phone, tablet or laptop into making a connection. Consequently, they will be able to manipulate the device into obeying diverse commands.

Countermeasures for Bluetooth Devices

The simplest way to prevent Bluetooth attacks is to ensure that your company’s devices are not discoverable. If your devices are invisible to people outside your operations, hackers will be unable to hijack the Bluetooth Connection. However, errors can happen and your Bluetooth-enabled devices might be discovered. Therefore, you should consider having your IT expert install anti-Bluesnarfing tools in your vulnerable devices for enhanced protection.

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